Hotel in kasauli -: A heritge Hotel at lower mall kasauli aheritage your Budget fill hotel that Suits simple online booking form for resvervation
Hotel in parsonage
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Hotel in Kasauli
A picturesque hotel parsonage nestling in the bowl of kasauli hills finds truth in this adage, the sun washed leaves of the pines and rustling winds singing in your ears lend a delicate treat . Tucked in kausauli woods, the parsonage sings melodies of serenity asking you to repose a while and smell the wilderness here. Forget your grisly routine and edge your way comforting yourself on tree top huts, built here only after kerela in india .as the sun deserts the kausauli sky, the hazy dawn in the parsonage is ready to greet you for another feast. Another white washed day bids adieu and the tree top log huts greet you to snug yourself above the land, cocooned on a tree. Doubled in the glaze of kasauli, the tree top huts of parsonage wear a look of prosperity and comfort. Only the voice of the wind answers in the cloud cooled moors and the tranquil expanse of the parsonage.